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Cost-efficient septic pumping

Our team will keep your septic system clean and clear to help avoid the need for costly repairs and malfunctions to your septic system with quality pumping services. We usually recommend pumping your septic system every 4-6 years depending on the amount of people on the property.

  • Residential and commercial pumping

  • Drain cleaning

Thorough septic pumping services

Preventative septic pumping and cleaning

Our team will keep your septic system clean and clear to avoid the need for costly repairs.

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Reliable Emergency Pump Outs when you need it

You can trust our company for a fast response whenever you are in need of emergency pump outs. We have an experienced team whom are well equipped and are ready to answer to your pump out needs.

Effluent filter cleaning on newer systems

A properly designed septic tank system will have a septic tank with sufficient volume to accumulate solids for several years. Over time the solids accumulate and begin to fill up the septic tank.


If these solids are not periodically pumped out, suspended solid particles may begin to flow into the absorption field. These solids will eventually clog the absorption field and may require the installation of a new absorption field.  At Superior Septic Tank Service we clean effluent filters to remove any clogging to maintain proper filtration and proper water flow. Call us today to know more about our services.